Method Details Incurred Fees Tax Receipt
Mailed check P.O. Box 643, Bellaire, TX 77402 No Fees Receipt provided at end of year by the church.
Paypal Donation Donate w/ Paypal Transaction Fees: 1.9% + $0.50 Receipt provided at end of year by the church.
Zeffy Donate w/ Zeffy Transaction Fees: $0
Credit Card fees: 0%
Receipt provided by Zeffy by email instantaneously and retrievable*.
Sunday School Registry Donate through Registry Transaction Fees: $0
Credit Card fees: ~2.9%
*  Tax receipts by Zeffy are sent at the time of donation via email to the address used from “” with a subject of “Donation Received”. To Retrieve Zeffy donation statements, go to and click on “Sign up for free” using the email address used with your donation. Then go to and after logging in you can view and download all receipts under the “My Transactions” section.


Why am I being asked to include a tip on top of my donation?

We use Zeffy (formerly Simplyk), a 100% free donation platform funded by contributions from generous donors like you. The model is based on transparency: 100% of your donation goes directly to the church, whereas other donation platforms take a percentage.

This is why Zeffy asks for a voluntary contribution, or “tip”: to help pay the bank fees, support the operation of the platform, and allow the church and thousands of other non-profits to increase their impact and change the world.

Why contribute to Zeffy?

You have complete control over how much you contribute to Zeffy. On top of being 100% free for the church to use, here are some reasons we love Zeffy, and some reasons you may choose to support them too:

1. Zeffy sends instant tax receipts to donors.
2. Zeffy streamlines the administration and tracking of your donation, freeing up valuable treasurer time. 
3. Zeffy covers the credit card and bank fees of all donations made through the platform.
4. Zeffy provides free great software tools for events and registrations, that typically also cost software fees.

I do not want to contribute more than my donation. What can I do?

You have a few different options, as indicated above:

1. Set the tip amount to $0 and proceed with your payment online.

2. Use ACH payment method instead of credit card to avoid incurring more fees on Zeffy.
3. Use one of the other methods indicated on the top of the page.